Acuff, Steve and Pauline Grubbs, Kaylon and Amy Perdue, Gov. Sonny and Mary
Adriance, Bruce and Liz Gutman, Bill and Cathy Phifer, Ricky
Allen, Wayne and Mary Hall, Susan Pike, Charlie
Allmond, Keith and Pauline Hall, Tom, Marsha, & Amelia Pilcher, Dr. B. Lamar and Family
Ammons, Bill and Dorothy Hancock, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Poole, David L.
Anderson, Ms. John Hatch, Ellis G. & Karen A. Popkins, Nancy
Apaka, Ken and Glenda Hendrix, Bobby Premo, Randy
Ard, J.R. and Martha Hendrix, Jerry Quon, Mrs. Martha
Arnett, Jonnie and Margaret Hickam, Buster and Lynn Ramsey, Allan
Arnold Jr., George Hicks, Lonnie and Margaret Reid, Rev. Willie L. and Family
Azbell, Richard and Cheryl Hintz, Dean and Heidi Reynolds, Stan and Pat
Barker, Ed Holcomb, Dr. Stephen F. and Robin Riggen, Robert & June
Berry, David Holmes, C. Curtis and Polly Ringley, Jack and Naomi
Berry, Forest Hopf, Joe and Joanna Ritchie, Scott and Cindy
Blackmon, Billy Hunnicutt, Jack and Cheryl Rod Electrical Service
Blackmon, Zell Jr. Hunt, Thomas Rushing, Ms. Buford C.
Bootle, Dr. and Mrs. W.A. Hunter, Billy Russ, Brian and Jenni
Boswell, Jim &Helen Hvizdzak, Steve and Kim Ryals, John S. and Ann
Boyett, Mickey and Nita Irwin, Dan and Barbara Rymuza, Jeffrey
Brooks, Paul and Debra Israel, Debbie Satterwhite, Al
Brown, A.D. and Elsie Israel, Deryl Scott, Adam
Brown, Dennis and Carol Jackson, Charles and Jennifer Scott, Les & Terri
Brown, Nancy Goodwin Jackson, Rawleigh and Nancy Sherman, Bill and Sara
Browning, Jeremy H. Jackson, Tim and Jenny Shuttlesworth, Troy
Buford, Jerome & Carolyn Jackson. Mike and Alicia Sills,Linda
Bullock, Mrs. George Johnson, Mary Simmons, Shelly and Helen
Busbee, Gov. George Jones, Andy Simpson, Mike and Carolann
Buzzell, Esther Joyner, Ted and Sylvia Singletary, Lott and Cheryl
Buzzell, Sam Kehl, Dr. Thomas E. Singletary, Robert & Sharon
Callahan, Dr. Dan Kelly, Ken and June Sipe, Trey
Cannon, Mr. and Mrs. James F. Kent, Ronnie and Alline Smith, Joseph E.
Carter, Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kesler, Ms. J.R. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Terrell
Carter, Shirley Kilko, John Smith, Tommy Printing Co.
Carter, President Jimmy King, Melodye Snellgrove, Larry
Christopher, Lamar Kinsey, Robert Soles, Keith and Natalie
Ciesielski, Mrs. Doris Kirvin, Rev Josh and Brenda Solomon, Dan
Clark, Jim and Tracy Kretsinger, Mrs. Gwenn Spriggs, Derek
Claxton, Mrs. Natalie Norris Labuda, John and Sudee Spriggs, Tina
Collier, Adrian and Randi Lawson, Brian Starnes, LaMoye
Collins, Myra Lemasters, Tracy and Tracey Steele, Mrs. Robert
Colson, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Lester, Meredith Story, Robert L.
Conner, Melanie Lindsey, Ms. Ruby Sturdivant, Joyce
Conner, Mr. and Mrs. Alton Logan, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sullivan, Joel and Carolyn
Cooper, Bob and Joanne Long, Amber and Crystal Sumrall, Jean
Cowart, Dean and Kim Long, George and Louise Talley, Mrs. Jerry H.
Cox, Chuck and Rhonda Long, Mike and Alicia Talton, Sheriff and Mrs. H.C. Jr.
Crawford, Mrs. Carl Lord, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Tate, Kim
Creamer, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lowe, Broderick and Sharon Tucker, Mrs. Nelda
Crenshaw, Lee and Debbie Manning, Dr. and Mrs. Joe Ulmer, Araceli P.
Cunningham, Jane D. Mashburn, Greg & Kim Varner, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Jr.
Daniel, Dave Maslar, Mary Alice Vinson, Edward
Davis, Claude Mason, Ms Anne VonSteenburgh, Lynn
Deall, Tom and Lisa Matthews, Christi Wainwright, Becky
Deane, Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Maxwell, Ralph Wainwright, Dennis
Dempsey, John Randall Mazo, Michael and Tiffany Walker, Herbert A.
DeVoursney, Eric and Tammy McCoy, Bob Walker, Mr. and Mrs. W.H.
DiNardi, Mr. and Mrs. Richard McCoy, Carol Walker, Mrs. Marian
Doyle, Gene McFall, Patrick and Beverly Wallace, Robert & Maria Trenam
Durden, George McIntosh, David  Waller, Bobby & LaNell
Durham, Ray and Debbie McKinney, William and Diane Watson, Keith and Ann
Donn & Tonya Duvall McLendon, Tom and Sunya Watson, Sonny
Elder, Harvey & Carolyn Meck, Dr. and Mrs. Donald West, Larry and Cindy
Elliott, Mrs. Earl Meeker, Donald and Jacquelyn White, William
Erickson, Jon & Sharon Mercer, Ken and Beverly Wiggins, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie
Everson, Mike Miles, Bruce and Kim Wilcox, Mark
Floyd, Mr. And Mrs. James Miller, Mr. and Mrs. John T. III Wildes, Kinnon and Tammi
Fortson, M.D. Moody, Shirley Wildes, William and Pat
Franklin, Bill and Tina Moore, C.L. Wiley, Steve and Evon
Franklin, Steve and Susan Moore, Lenwood and Betsy Wilkerson, Rabb
Frenz, Jack D. Moore, Wade Willams, Kelly and Michelle
Fussell, Dr. Daniel O. Morgan, Steve Wood, Joseph R.
Gann, Jerry Morgan, Steve P. Jr. Wynne, Dr. and Mrs. Morgan
Garvin, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Nachreiner, Eric Zimmerman, Mike and Jeanne
Gregory, Bo & Kathy Newberry, Bill and Ann Zoumberis, Anthony and Elizabet
Gluvna, Tom and Connie Noll, Galen Linda S. Doyle
Godfrey, Lucille Noll, Mary Jay & Sandra Lauritsen
Graham, Tom and Linda O'Neal, Mrs. Marion L. Kenneth & Lisa Lee
    Nicole L. Scott
    Lashley, Gary